Research Support

We are committed to conducting thorough and systematic research to gather information, insights, and knowledge that can assist individuals, businesses, organisations, and governments make informed decisions, develop strategies, and stay updated on relevant developments.


Data Solutions

At Mescripts Data and Research, our focus revolves around data. We provide services ranging from planning for data collection, data collection, data processing, data management, data analysis, data archiving, and data utilisation to help businesses and organisations make informed decisions, improve operations, and achieve their goals.


Capacity Development

We are focused on continuing to help individuals, organisations, and institutions enhance their data and research skills, knowledge, capabilities, and resources to achieve their goals more effectively.


Technology Services

Our technology products and services are centred around emerging technologies, software, hardware, and digital solutions that assist in providing better data and research support to our clients. We leverage technological innovations to address various data and research needs and challenges of our clients.

Who We Are

Welcome to Mescripts Data and Research. We are your go to professionals for data analytics and research services. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and can help you gain meaningful insights from your data for business, research, and organizational decision making.

To achieve this, our strategy is based on our five key pillars: client satisfaction, quality work, professionalism, collaborations, and continuous innovation.

Experience the power of data analytics and research with us.


To work collaboratively in developing innovative solutions through data and research to improve decision-making.


To inspire development through data and research.

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Work
  • Professionalism
  • Collaborations
  • Continuous Innovation

What We Do

Immerse yourself in a spectrum of services that reflect our commitment to excellence and passion for results.

Research Support

Navigating Insights, Empowering Decisions: Your Source for Informed Strategies and Current Knowledge.

Data Solutions

From Collection to Transformation, Your Partner in Informed Decision-Making and Success

Capacity Development

Elevating Potential Through Data and Research Excellence: Your Pathway to Enhanced Skills, Knowledge, and Success

Technology Services

Empowering Insights with Cutting-Edge Tech: Your Partner in Next-Gen Data and Research Solutions

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